The best rentals in Boise for long term

Never try to rent hotels in Boise when you know you will be staying for long. The best rentals in Boise  long term can be the best way not only to save cash but also to have a place you can call your home and also benefit from unique amenities hotels do not give. You can even rent these apartments for short terms if that is what you want, but make sure you rent the apartment and no motel or hotel.

Coroner working to ID body recovered from Boise Foothills

BOISE, Idaho (AP) – Officials say the Ada County coroner’s office is working to identify an adult male body found in the Boise Foothills. Ada County sheriff’s office spokesman Patrick Orr said Thursday that law enforcement first received a report Wednesday night of a possible body in the Foothills near […]

Boise woman celebrates 100th birthday

Boise, ID – Mary Martha Bennet recently reached one of the most significant milestones. She turned a 100 years. Her daughter Martha Sandmeyer says Mary has had an incredible life. "Mom was born in Parma, Idaho on April 24, 1918. On her birth certificate, it says she weighs 4 pounds," […]

Idaho Workers’ Compensation Rates to Decrease Another 3.4% in June

Boise, ID ( – The Idaho Department of Insurance approved a proposal from the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) for an another 3.4 percent decrease to workers’ compensation insurance rates to be effective for policies issued or renewing after May 31, 2018. This follows the 5.8 percent rate decrease […]

Sam McCaskill joins Thornton Oliver Keller Commercial Real Estate’s land brokerage team

Sam McCaskill has joined Thornton Oliver Keller Commercial Real Estate’s land brokerage team. McCaskill has been selected to participate in the firm’s 12-month brokerage training program, specializing in land and commercial real estate, and will be mentored by the firm’s managing partner Michael Ballantyne. McCaskill has 21 years of experience […]

Housing tidal wave swamps both ends of Idaho

Randy Stapilus In Canyon County, where population and economic growth ordinarily is not just approved of but eagerly sought, organizations such as the Canyon County Agricultural Planning Area Committee usually start with an easily accepted point of view: Mo’ growth, mo’ better. The group, which will be advising the county […]