Freedom Concepts Laboratory Releases 80% 1911 Frames

Liberty MkIX 80% 1911 Handgun Boise, ID –-( Freedom Concepts Laboratory is proud to offer custom pistol builders a new option for making their own firearms, introducing the Liberty line of 80% polymer 1911 frames. Developed by Foxtrot Mike Products Inc, the 80% frames accept standard 1911 slides, magazines, and […]

The best rentals in Boise for long term

Never try to rent hotels in Boise when you know you will be staying for long. The best rentals in Boise  long term can be the best way not only to save cash but also to have a place you can call your home and also benefit from unique amenities hotels do not give. You can even rent these apartments for short terms if that is what you want, but make sure you rent the apartment and no motel or hotel.